Specialists in EQ, Leadership & Anger Management

The EQ Leadership Edge are the largest provider of the industry-leading Anderson & Anderson Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Facilitation model in Australia. We work with executives, managers, professionals, emerging leaders and health professionals to help them become more successful in their fields and experience a better quality of life at work and in their personal lives. 

Move Forward in Your Life and Career

In today's corporate world, over 7 in 10 organisations do not believe that their leaders have the necessary skills to lead the organisation into the future. Organisations are looking for leaders and professionals who have the right mix of technical skills and Emotional Intelligence. We simplify the process for you to gain the Emotional Intelligence and leadership skills you need to succeed in your career and life. 


I highly recommend hiring Claudine as your performance coach. Through her methodology, I have significantly learnt and grown from her coaching, which has already helped me reach personal and financial goals in such a short space of time.

At each session, I felt comfortable to discuss my perceptions and behaviours and I've always walked out of each session feeling energised, mentally robust and amazed at what we've discovered about myself

David Kha

Claudine is a dedicated and supportive coach that enables leaders foster high performing teams. Her positive attitude and passion makes working with her a pleasure.

Natasha McDowell

I approached Claudine seeking advice on career development as a Software Consultant and greatly benefited from this experience. Claudine helped me clarify my own thoughts and goals and helped me construct a path that I am excited about. I felt confident and empowered after spending time with Claudine. I would gladly recommend her to any IT professional looking to take the next step/s in their career

Sid Horadagoda

I found Claudine to be a caring Coach. A Coach who also has great skills to get straight into the heart of the matter. The sessions l had with Claudine were well worth it. l highly recommend her to every woman.

Sacha Evans

Coaching will Claudine has been a joy. Claudine has a way of very gently nudging me towards my own exploration and awareness. She makes it seem so easy but the questions she asks and the insights they help me gain have tremendous impact on me, my life and what I do. I often find myself pondering little insights much much after our sessions. She operates with much empathy

J. Bilas

Our Courses and Programs

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people gain the essential skills and knowledge they need to lead themselves and others successfully.

Accredited by the World's Most Advanced Coaching Foundation

Our coaches are specialist Meta-Coaches, certified in the world’s most advanced coaching model for human development and self-actualization. They are also certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners, Neuro-Semantic Practitioners and are skilled in Integral Semantics. Our coaches are accredited at an international level by the Meta-Coach Foundation and the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. 

Giving Back to Our Community

The Sydney Invictus Games 2018

 In 2018 it was our privilege to work hand-inhand with the Sydney Invictus Games as one of their fundraisers. It was wonderful to see our clients pitch in to help us raise funds for our wounded and ill veterans!

The Streetsmart Year 11 Handbook Program

We were also able to join key leaders in our community like the Neighbourhood Watch to support the Streetsmart Handbook program in 2018. The handbooks were distributed to all the Year 11 students in NSW to help them move forward confidently in their lives.

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