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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Full-Day Course

Leaders with high levels of Emotional Intelligence are in high demand worldwide! That is why Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is highly sought for in when hiring leaders and when companies are looking to promote people into leadership roles. 

If you can see yourself becoming an even more effective manager and leader then attend this training session and see how you can enhance and accelerate your leadership career by increasing your Emotional Intelligence. 

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"Claudine helped me clarify my own thoughts and goals and helped me construct a path that I am excited about. She highlighted the importance of having a holistic view of my career. I felt confident and empowered after spending the time with Claudine."

Sid H.

"I highly recommend hiring Claudine as your Coach. Through her methodology, I have significantly learnt and grown from her coaching, which has already helped me reach some personal and financial goals in such a short space of time."

David K.

"Coaching will Claudine has been a joy. Claudine has a way of very gently nudging me towards my own exploration and awareness. She makes it seem so easy but the questions she asks and the insights they help me gain have tremendous impact on me, my life and what I do. I often find myself pondering little insights much much after our sessions. She operates with much empathy. "

Janine B. (Entrepreneur)

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