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Emotional Intelligence Course in Sydney - The EQ Leadership Edge

We have all worked with people who have had a high level of Emotional Intelligence and have experienced how great they are to work with and what a great impact they make on our lives. They strive to do their best and go the extra mile and are enthusiastic about what they do. They are the ones who bring the smile to your face and who understands where you are coming from.

On the other hand, we have also worked with people with lower levels of Emotional Intelligence, who seemed to drain the energy when we were around them. 

People with high levels of Emotional Intelligence are in high demand! That is why Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is highly sought for when employers recruit people and when managers are looking to promote people internally within their organisations. Don't get left behind in your career or in your business!

Over the last two decades, significant research has been conducted in the area of Emotional Intelligence and it has been shown that people can learn how to increase their Emotional Intelligence so that they are able to work more effectively both with themselves and with others. Studies have shown the importance of  Emotional Intelligence (EI) in your career and in your life. In fact, Emotional Intelligence has been shown to account for 27-45% of your success at your job.  

The EQ Leadership Edge is the largest provider of the Anderson & Anderson Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Facilitation model in Australia. The world-class Anderson & Anderson Emotional Intelligence model has helped thousands of people all over the world increase their Emotional Intelligence and get ahead in their career.

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training courses are practical and backed up by decades of research and proven results.

The great news is that people are able to increase their Emotional Intelligence at any age and professionals who have increased their Emotional Intelligence have found that it benefits them greatly in their career. They become much better at:

  1. Communicating assertively and getting along with others
  2. Managing their anger and stress levels
  3. Working with their stakeholders and colleagues
  4. Being focused and achieving their goals at work and in life

This training session designed specifically for people to increase their Emotional Intelligence and give them a leading edge at work. At this training session you will be able to:

  1. Gain an understanding of your own Emotional Intelligence
  2. Get practical strategies on how to increase your Emotional Intelligence
  3. Learn how to identify, prevent and manage stressful situations that could lead to anger
  4. Learn how to enhance your working relationships with your manager, your colleagues and stakeholders


Module One: Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence Defined
  • The history of Emotional Intelligence
  • The four Emotional Intelligence Frameworks
  • Emotions and their relationship with your values


Module Two: Optimism

  • Optimism Vs Pessimism
  • The benefits of Optimism
  • Using Optimism as a Tool for Success
  • The ABCD Model of Optimism


Module Three: Perceiving & Expressing Emotions

  • How to be more aware of what you are feeling
  • How to read other people's body language
  • How to read the expressions of a roomful of people
  • How to express your emotions effectively


Module Four: Using Emotions for Communicating Effectively

  • Using emotions for effective communication
  • The ABCs of Empathy
  • Effective communication in action
  • How to use your emotional awareness in conversations


Module Five: Understanding Emotions

  • The eight basic emotions
  • Awareness of how your emotions transition
  • The Emotion Ruler
  • How to read Facial Expressions


Module Six: Managing Emotions

  • How to change your emotions 
  • How to manage your emotions whilst negotiating
  • How to effectively manage your reactions
  • How to help other people calm down


Module Seven: Bringing it all Together

  • Your Emotional Intelligence Blueprint
  • How to successfully manage your emotions
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to build positive relationships


Venue: Mezzanine Level, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney 2000

Date: Saturday 18th May 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm



Claudine Kurian is accredited internationally as an Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Facilitator. She is also a highly trained Executive Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner. Claudine has worked closely with executives, entrepreneurs and senior leadership teams for the past 18 years to implement highly effective changes within their organisation and now she works with them to to help them gain the skills they need to become highly effective leaders.


  • Claudine hosted a spectacular seminar, she implemented fun and practical techniques in to her seminar. We got to experience the results first-hand and really see how effective her methods are when applied and tested with other people. If you are looking for new Emotional Intelligence skills, that will help you effectively communicate and successfully achieve positive desired out comes in many day-to-day scenarios, whether that be in the workplace, in a relationship, at home or just be a better people-person. Look no further and sign up to one of Claudine's seminars today! - Lachlan Carrig 
  • Claudine is a dedicated and supportive coach that enables leaders foster high performing teams. Her positive attitude and passion makes working with her a pleasure" - Natasha McDowell

  • "I highly recommend hiring Claudine as your performance coach. Through her methodology, I have significantly learnt and grown from her coaching, which has already helped me reach personal and financial goals in such a short space of time. At each session, I felt comfortable to discuss my perceptions and behaviours and I've always walked out of each session feeling energised, mentally robust and amazed at what we've discovered about myself" - David Kha

  • "I approached Claudine seeking advice on career development as a Software Consultant and greatly benefited from this experience. Claudine helped me clarify my own thoughts and goals and helped me construct a path that I am excited about. She highlighted the importance of having a holistic view of my career and enabled me see how my career ties into my purpose. She invited me to look deeper into aspects of my career, such as, details into how my career could affect my family, how I was enjoying the process of learning and many more. This in turn helped me clarify areas that I needed to focus on and certain goals that were not worth pursuing. I felt confident and empowered after spending time with Claudine. I would gladly recommend her to any IT professional looking to take the next step/s in their career" - Sid Horadagoda

  • "IT professionals often feel something is missing in their career and don't know what is necessary to get to the next level in their career. A career coach can help an IT professional to find out what he/she is good at and where he/she needs to improve, as well as help him/her formulate a plan for future success. My objective was to identify how coaching could help me with my career path, move to the right path and take the necessary steps. Throughout the session I identified some of my weaknesses and how to overcome those weaknesses. Claudine is a good mentor and also a great coach. She has the ability to put herself into other's positions and look at things from their perspective. During my coaching session she identified what was crucial to the career path I was planning to shift to, formulated a plan and followed up on the next session to make sure I didn't sit on the plan but take action. She also identified my weaknesses which were holding me back from future improvements and guided me to overcome them. I highly recommend Claudine and her leadership coaching sessions" - Tan Hassan

  • "Coaching will Claudine has been a joy. Claudine has a way of very gently nudging me towards my own exploration and awareness. She makes it seem so easy but the questions she asks and the insights they help me gain have tremendous impact on me, my life and what I do. I often find myself pondering little insights much much after our sessions. She operates with much empathy." J. Bilas

  • I found Claudine Kumar to be a caring Coach. A Coach who also has great skills to get straight into the heart of the matter. The Sessions l had with Claudine were well worth it. l highly recommend her to every woman." - Sacha Evans

  • "The course is a great resource" - David Greenwood. (Marketing Manager)

  • "The course was very engaging" - Dennis Dinh