Leadership Courses

Studies have shown that 7 in 10 organisations do not believe that their managers can lead their organisations successfully into the future. Our Emotional Intelligence Leadership courses enable managers, executives and entrepreneurs to confidently and successfully lead their organisation into the future! Leaders with high levels of Emotional Intelligence are in high demand worldwide because of the way they are able to manage themselves and how effectively they are able to work with others. At the EQ Leadership Edge we provide leaders just like you with the Emotional Intelligence skills and abilities you need in order to lead your teams and organisations effectively. 

Our Elite Leadership Coaching Program enables you to concentrate on the exact areas that will allow you to become an even more effective leader! Dr Goleman, a leading expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence, stated that "CEOs are hired for their intelligence and business expertise and fired for their lack of Emotional Intelligence!" Invest in your future now and get the right mix of IQ and EQ skills so that you can become an even more effective leader.