EQ & Leadership Coaching Programs

Organisations operate in a highly competitive environment that requires their leaders to be agile and highly-skilled in order to lead their teams and organisations effectively. Over 7 in 10 organisations don't think that their leaders have the necessary skills to lead the organisation into the future.


The EQ Leadership Edge Coaching Program enables executives and managers to  gain the integral skills, abilities to lead their organisations successfully into the future.


This Leadership Coaching program consists of:

- The EQ-i Assessment taken initially by the leader to obtain a benchmark of their Emotional Intelligence skills

- 12 fortnightly one-hour sessions to help the leader obtain the skills they need to succeed in their role

- A copy of the "Gaining Control of Ourselves" Client Workbook with practical exercises and that can be used as a reference guide through-out their career

- A second EQ-1 Assessment taken at the end of the program to determine the growth experienced by the leader

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