The Career Success Podcast

1. How to Create a Thriving Workplace

Today, I am interviewing Robin Matlock, the Chief Marketing Officer and a Senior Vice President of VMware. In this episode you will discover how VMware, an $8 Billion tech giant, is making huge strides in creating a thriving workplace for their employees. Learn about the top leadership strategies they have implemented and see how it has propelled the organisation and its staff forward.


2. Key Leadership Strategies

Today, I am talking with, Tom Ziglar, the CEO of Ziglar Inc. Tom has spoken around the world to billion-dollar companies, small business owners, and at prestigious academic institutions like Cambridge and Harvard on topics such as leadership, business, and performance.  We will be discussing key strategies that every leader should know about how to create a highly motivated team, how to work effectively with fellow-leaders and how to create a vision and strategy for your team.


3. Negotiation and Leadership Success

Today, I have the great pleasure of having Chris Widener as our guest speaker! Chris is one of the preeminent speakers on leadership, influence, sales and success. He is one of the top 50 speakers in the world, has spoken at companies like Microsoft, the Harvard Business School, IBM and CISCO to audiences as large as 20 000 people on leadership, influence and success.


4. Anger Management With George Anderson

Today I have the great pleasure of talking with George Anderson, the largest provider of Certified Anger Management Facilitator training in the world. George is the author of multiple books including “Gaining Control of Ourselves” and “Depression, Awareness, Recognition and Intervention”. George has been called the "Least Angry Man by the Los Angeles Times Magazine and was called upon to be the technical consultant for the popular movie Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. 


5. How to Move Forward in Your Career

Today I will be talking with Bron Williams, the founder of the Backstory Consultancy in Australia and author of the book "Powered by your Past". As a leader with more than 30 years experience Bron is passionate about helping people get unstuck and move forward in their lives. Today, we will be talking about how professionals and leaders can move forward in their career instead of holding themselves back.


6. How to Use Neuroscience to Become an Effective Leader

Today I will be talking with Dr Irena O'Brien about how you can use neuroscience to become a highly effective leader. We'll be looking at how you can use the knowledge about how your brain works so that you can control your emotions, think more clearly and rationally, and lower your anxiety and stress levels.


7. How to Avoid Becoming a Stressed-Out Marionette



8. How to Teach Emotional Intelligence to Young Kids

Today I have invited Bryan Anderson, a behavioural therapist from California to show us how we can teach our children emotional intelligence. There are a lot of programs out there, that teach emotional intelligence to adults but few focus on teaching emotional intelligence to kids. So for all the busy leaders and professionals who are listening today, it will be a relief to hear that instead of waiting until your kids are 15 years old and in crisis mode to do something, you can actually start teaching your kids emotional intelligence even if your children are as young as 3 and even when they have autism. 


9. How to Grow Professionally as a Leader

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Mike Schwarzer, a Transformational Professional, who works with leaders to help them grow professionally. In this podcast Mike shares his own journey as a professional in the leadership space as well as strategies that leaders can use to accelerate their growth.


10. How to Create Your Professional Brand on Social Media

Today I have Alan Howle, the Founder of the Social Fire joining us. Alan is a Social Media expert and we will be discussing how you can build a professional brand for yourself on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.


11. How to be a Successful Executive Coach

How do you stand out as a great Executive Coach in this competitive industry? This is the topic of today's interview with George Anderson. George is a well-established and highly successful Executive Coach based in America. He coaches executives and professionals from all over the world and in this interview he shares key insights into how you can stand out in the Executive Coaching industry.