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Anger Management Course For Adults

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Anger is a natural emotion but it becomes a problem when it occurs too frequently, when it is too intense, when it lasts too long, when it leads to aggression or when it destroys work or personal relationships. The EQ Leadership Edge provide Anger Management courses for people who would like to learn how to manage their anger and move ahead in their lives and careers. We also provide court-mandated Anger Management courses. 

The EQ Leadership Edge are the largest provider in Australia of the world-renowned Anderson and Anderson APC Anger Management Framework that has helped thousands of people manage their anger and improve the quality of their lives both at home and at work. 

We run Anger Management programs for:

  • People who would like to better manage and control their anger
  • People who have been referred to a Court-Mandated Anger Management Course 
  • People and teams referred to us by their organisations

We run 6 month group-based courses in Sydney. Book the program now to start moving ahead in your life and stop anger further damaging your life and career.