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Anger is a natural emotion but it becomes a problem when it occurs too frequently, when it is too intense, when it lasts too long, when it leads to aggression or when it destroys work or personal relationships. This Anger Management course is for people who would like to learn how to manage their anger and move ahead in their lives and careers.

Do you find yourself getting angry and then regretting it afterwards? Is your anger affecting you and those around you negatively? Then come and learn how to control your anger. Our Anger Management course helps you increase your skills in these 4 areas in order to control your anger effectively:

  • Anger Management: allows you to identify your triggers for anger and learn techniques to control your anger
  • Stress Management: stress is one of the precursors to anger and by learning how to manage your stress, you are able to stop situations from escalating to uncontrolled anger
  • Assertive Communication: gives you the skills to build positive relationships and communicate effectively with others 
  • Emotional Intelligence: helps you become more aware of your emotional state and those of others so that you can build positive relationships

Our Anger Management course is based on the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Model that has helped thousands of people all over the world manage their anger effectively and move ahead in their lives. Research has found that when you are skilled in Anger Management, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Assertive Communication, then you are better able to not only manage your anger effectively but are able to experience a better quality of life and create positive relationships as well.  

Training Objectives:

  1. To help you identify anger and cope with it
  2. To identify the source of your anger and what leads to destructive behaviour
  3. To provide you with the tools to manage your anger in an appropriate manner
  4. To teach self-control and anger management techniques such as tone, attitude, eye contact, body language to assist you with a more positive outcome for your anger
  5. To increase self-awareness in regard to your emotional state
  6. Learn how to communicate with assertive communication rather than aggressive or passive-aggressive communication

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Increase self-regard, self-awareness and assertive communication
  2. Normalize angry feelings and use techniques learned through the program to express anger appropriately
  3. Improve interpersonal relationships at home, work and in the community
  4. Improvement in recognizing and managing stress




"Claudine hosted a spectacular seminar, she implemented fun and practical techniques in to her seminar. We got to experience the results first-hand and really see how effective her methods are when applied and tested with other people. If you are looking for new Emotional Intelligence skills, that will help you effectively communicate and successfully achieve positive desired out comes in many day-to-day scenarios, whether that be in the work place, in a relationship, at home or just be a better people-person. Look no further and sign up to one of Claudine's seminars today!" - Lachlan Carrig

"I highly recommend hiring Claudine as your Coach. Through her methodology, I have significantly learnt and grown from her coaching, which has already helped me reach some personal and financial goals in such a short space of time." - David Kha

I found Claudine Kumar to be a caring Coach. A Coach who also has great skills to get straight into the heart of the matter. The Sessions l had with Claudine were well worth it. l highly recommend her to every woman." - Sacha Evans

"Claudine helped me clarify my own thoughts and goals and helped me construct a path that I am excited about. She highlighted the importance of having a holistic view of my career. I felt confident and empowered after spending the time with Claudine." - Sid Horadagoda