Emotional Intelligence Course for Leaders

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This Emotional Intelligence Course for Leaders starts in:


Do you want to lead your team successfully?

Do you want to be a highly effective leader?

Do you want to be a highly productive leader?

If you said YES to these questions, then read on... 

The latest report by the World Economic Forum said that Emotional Intelligence was one of the TOP 6 skills that every professional should have. Register for this Emotional Intelligence Course specially designed for leaders and gain the key skills you need to succeed!

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"IQ Gets You Hired, BUT EQ Gets You Promoted" Time Magazine

According to the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the top MBA institutes, the biggest reason that leaders fail is because of poor interpersonal skills. Research into Emotional Intelligence and Leadership over the past 20 years have shown that leaders with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are more successful at building highly productive and engaged teams, that they are more resilient and are better able to navigate through the constantly changing work landscape and leadership challenges.

Emotional Intelligence gives leaders the edge they need to be more aware of their own feelings and those of others, have clarity in how to manage these emotions and use them to make more effective decisions in their day-to-day work. Emotional Intelligence also gives leaders the ability to better connect with those around them, to show empathy and build strong relationships with their stakeholders and team members.

Research over the past 20 years has shown that Emotional Intelligence is a key skill-set that all leaders should have. Register for this course today and see the difference it makes to you, your team and your organisation!


- Lead others successfully

- Build Rapport with others quickly

- Enhance your Communication skills

- Enhance your Decision-Making skills

- Effectively manage your Emotions

- Strengthen your Self-Control skills

- Increase your Empathy

- Talk Assertively with others

- Increase your Self-Awareness

- Create a Vision and Strategy for your Team

- Connect with others and build Strong working relationships

- Become a Trusted Leader & Adviser

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"Claudine hosted a spectacular seminar, she implemented fun and practical techniques in to her seminar. We got to experience the results first-hand and really see how effective her methods are when applied and tested with other people.

If you are looking for new Emotional Intelligence skills, that will help you effectively communicate and successfully achieve positive desired out comes in many day-to-day scenarios, whether that be in the work place, in a relationship, at home or just be a better people-person. Look no further and sign up to one of Claudine's seminars today!"  

2. You will get a copy of the World-Leading "Gaining Control of Ourselves" Workbook

The "Gaining Control of Ourselves" Client Workbook contains all the information and practices you need in order to significantly increase your Emotional Intelligence. It has been used by leaders around the world to move ahead confidently in their career and in their lives. 

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3. Get a Copy of Your Leadership Blueprint


- Create your Leadership Vision

- Gain clarity about your Strengths and Opportunities for improvement

- Create your Leadership Strategy & Action Plan

- Gain a deeper understanding about your leadership style  

- Identify your core Values 

- Gain a deeper understanding about your Stakeholders 

- Gain a deeper understanding about your Team

- Create your Strategy on how to lead your team effectively

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4. Access to our Leadership Mastermind FaceBook Group


- Become part of a Leadership Mastermind Group designed specifically to accelerate your leadership career

- Collaborate with like-minded leaders from around the world

- Gain access to exclusive interviews with leaders about the cutting-edge strategies they use to lead their teams

- Gain access to leadership and communication resources that are only available to members of this Leadership Mastermind Group

- Gain access to exclusive webinars designed to help you accelerate your growth as a leader

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Those who register for the course by October will also receive complimentary access to our 3-month Leadership Program, worth $750, where you will be given access to:

1. An Online Learning Program &
2. A Leadership Group Coaching Program 

To help you can accelerate your growth as a leader!



Get access to our exclusive 3-Month Leadership Group Coaching Program where you will be able to take the skills and knowledge you gained at the 1-day Emotional Intelligence Course for Leaders and take a deep dive to accelerate your growth. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, deepen your knowledge and get coaching on the areas that you want to evolve in.


      Each month you will receive access to a different online course so that you can take a deep-dive into key areas that will help you to become skilled at communicating and leading others as well as yourself!

      Month 1 -
      Emotional Intelligence

      Enhance your self-awareness, self-control, social awareness and relationship building.

      Month 2 -
      Communicating Assertively

      Be skilled at communicating assertively instead of aggressively or passively. 

      Month 3 -
      Reading Body Language

      Learn how to become skilled at reading non-verbal cues in interactions. 



      You will receive Group Leadership Coaching via Zoom each month from our Lead Coach who is skilled in the following coaching frameworks to accelerate your growth as a leader

      Coaching has led to leaders experiencing significant growth in their careers. Using our cutting-edge Coaching Framework we have been able to help leaders to gain awareness of their blindspots, gain clarity about what is holding them back and the best way to move forward and achieve their leadership goals in a short amount of time.

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      "I highly recommend hiring Claudine as your coach. Through her methodology, I have significantly learnt and grown from her coaching, which has already helped me reach personal and financial goals in such a short space of time. At each session, I felt comfortable to discuss my perceptions and behaviours and I've always walked out of each session feeling energised, mentally robust and amazed at what we've discovered about myself"

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      "No doubt Emotional Intelligence is more rare than book smarts, but my experience says it is actually more important in the making of a leader."

      - Jack Welch (Chairman and CEO of General Electric.
      During his leadership , General Electric's value rose 4,000%) 

      Extensive research over the past 20 years has shown that Emotional Intelligence is a better predictor of success than IQ. Emotional Intelligence has been found to be directly responsible for between 27- 45% of job success as opposed to IQ which has been found responsible for 1-20% of job success. Surveys of highly successful leaders have found that the top factors for their success were all related to their high level of Emotional Intelligence. 


      - For managers and leaders who want to become even more effective and excel in their roles

      - For entrepreneurs and lawyers who want to stand out in their industries

      - For Project Managers and professionals who lead others in a matrix leadership style

      - For emerging leaders who want to prepare for their future leadership roles


      Module One: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Leadership

      - The Effectiveness of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader
      - Self-Awareness as a Leader
      - Self-Control as a Leader
      - Social Awareness (Empathy) as a Leader
      - Relationship Management as a Leader

      Module Two: The Six Leadership Styles

      - The Visionary Leader
      - The Coaching Leader
      - The Commanding Leader
      - The Affiliative Leader
      - The Democratic Leader
      - The Pacesetting Leader

      Module Three: Tools for Self-Awareness and Self-Control

      - The Contrasting Wheels of Behaviour
      - Using the Positive Wheel for Constructive Interactions
      - Using the Negative Wheel to Eliminate Destructive Interactions
      - The Self-Control Log

      Module Four: Building High Performance Teams

      - Achieving a Shared Vision
      - Developing Your Team
      - Coaching Your Team Members to Excellence
      - Resolving Conflict

      Module Five: Relationship Management

      - Stakeholder Management
      - Leading Your Team Effectively
      - Working Effectively with Your Clients and Customers

      Module Six: Negotiating for Success

      - The Successful Negotiator
      - Preparing for Negotiation
      - Reaching Mutual Gain
      - Moving from Bargaining to Closing

      Module Seven: Stress Management

      - The Three Skills of Stress Management
      - How to Manage Your Stress
      - Strategies to Manage High-Risk Situations
      - Learning to Use the Stress Log

      Module Eight: Bringing It All Together

      - Reviewing Lessons Learned
      - Creating Your Leadership Vision
      - Creating Your Leadership Strategy
      - Creating Your Leadership Action Plan

      Download the Course Brochure here:


      Venue: Mezzanine Level, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney 2000

      Date: Friday 18th October 26th July 2019

      Time: 9am - 5pm

      What Our Clients Say About Our Courses

      The sessions were extremely practical and informative. I especially liked the reinforcement through the practical interaction in the break-out space"
      - Andrew

      "What I liked best about the course was the casual and highly interactive content throughout the various modules. The techniques are easy to execute and very practical for day-to-day situations. Claudine's tempo and easy affable manner is very inclusive and everyone from all walks of life will benefit from this."
      - Jennifer

      "Claudine hosted a spectacular seminar, she implemented fun and practical techniques in to her seminar. We got to experience the results first-hand and really see how effective her methods are when applied and tested with other people. If you are looking for new Emotional Intelligence skills, that will help you effectively communicate and successfully achieve positive desired out comes in many day-to-day scenarios, whether that be in the work place, in a relationship, at home or just be a better people-person. Look no further and sign up to one of Claudine's seminars today!"
      - Lachlan Carrig

      “The course was engaging and there was lots of information to take in and learn” - Catherine

      “The group work was engaging. The course was easy to understand for all the demographics.” - Isabelle 

      "The Emotional Intelligence Course for Leaders is a great resource" - David Greenwood. (Marketing Manager)


      Our Trainers

      Victoria Howard-McRae: Victoria has over 15 years experience delivering high quality accredited and non-accredited courses in the area of Leadership, Personal & Professional Development, Communication, Behavioral Change and Customer Service. Her clients describe her as having a genuine interest in both their business and personal needs. Engaging with and empowering individuals by helping them to develop a new way of thinking through the sharing of stories and experiences from her own life and those of other leaders in the industry. This, in turn, opens them up to new possibilities, life-changing moments thus allowing them to become the best version of themselves.

      Training and Facilitation: Deliver interactive management, business, retail and JSA workshops, such as the Diploma in Management, Diploma in Business, Front line management, Diploma in Retail, Leadership Skills. Cross-cultural Communication. Deliver training programs for the professional development of teams in change behaviour and team building. Change management: Facilitate visioning, strategic planning, customer service improvement, performance management. Help organizations align with their values, clarify goals, and identify obstacles to change.

      Cheryl Edwards: Cheryl is an experienced coach, facilitator and consultant with over 15 years’ experience in working with employees and leading organisational development and people capability in large to medium-sized organisations.
      Strategic, passionate and creative, Cheryl has a deep understanding of the psychology of learning and behavioural change. She specialises in developmental and transformational coaching and facilitating group workshops that promote insight and build effective strategies for individual change.

      With extensive experience in end-to-end learning and development, complemented by strengths in leadership, coaching and team development, Cheryl also has a Masters’ Degree in Adult Education, a Graduate Certificate in Management, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Cheryl is also an accredited practitioner in a range of developmental tools including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Profile, Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Prosci Change Management.

      Our Lead Coach

      Claudine Kurian: Having worked in the private and public sectors for the past 19 years, I've seen a lot of managers and executives battle their way through their careers, burning out their teams, burning bridges with stakeholders and making the same mistakes again and again.

      In a fast-paced world where organisations demand leaders to successfully lead their departments and companies into the future, derailing behaviour make it hard for leaders to move themselves or their organisations forward. We work on a one-to-one basis or with your organisation’s entire leadership team to ensure that they are able to lead your organisation successfully into the future.

      As a certified Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Facilitator (CAMF), Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMCP), NLP Master Practitioner and Neuro-Semantics Practitioner, I am able to help my clients gain the awareness and clarity they need to move ahead confidently in their leadership career. 

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