The Gaining Control of Ourselves Book

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Gaining Control of Ourselves is the #1 Anger Management workbook in the world. It has been used to help professionals to not only manage their anger and stress but to also increase their Emotional Intelligence and experience a better quality of life both in their career and at home.

The Anderson & Anderson publication has been overwhelmingly successful in illuminating how and why anger can control our lives and ways in which to reduce and redirect stress and tension that results in overtly aggressive behaviors.
Originally developed for court ordered participants in Anderson & Anderson anger management classes, this complete guide focuses on the causes of anger and provides alternatives to violent outbursts and abusive behavior through educational lessons that challenge old and inappropriate ways of expressing anger. The lessons in this workbook enable readers to understand the signs and signals that lead them to anger and supplies usable techniques to manage that anger before it gets out of control.

This publication can be used for all helping professionals that seek to assist their clients in managing their levels of anger and stress, and helping them to increase their Emotional Intelligence. Purchase this book today and see the difference it makes to your career.

Gaining Control of Ourselves - The #1 Anger Management Workbook in the World